Should we change the US election system?

The American election system is particular and specifically adapted to the United States. However, we may wonder why this election system is so criticized and what are its main loopholes.
In general, foreign medias highlight three points : the two-party system, the American establishment and the financing of campaigns.


« I have a much better temperament than [Hillary] does. »

First, establishment is an other burning issue. Establishment in the US is usual. It means that most of politicians come from a family of politicians or at least, they are linked to another politician. American people reject establishment and want more changes. Consequently, Donald Trump is very popular today. In American people’s opinion, Hillary Clinton embodies American establishment whereas Donald Trump breaks the routine (as a businessman).
However, it is important to underline that establishment could also be beneficial. A businessman as Donald Trump does not know how to lead a country correctly. His knowledge in diplomatic issues, global trends and his abilities to handle conflicts are strictly limited. Thus, it is relevant to understand what is at stake in a country before making big decisions.


What if I prefer giraffes ?


Second, the US has a two-party system, which makes it very hard for anyone who is not a Democrat or a Republican to be elected. Almost everyone in Congress is a Democrat or a Republican. In order to improve the efficiency of the American election system, the government should encourage the emergence of other parties. Thus, people are better represented by the candidates. For instance, Bernie Sanders was associated to a new trend in the USA. He pretends to be a ‘socialist’ and tries to defend social justice and (social) equality. He seduced young people by proposing reforms of the educational system and more specifically, by tackling the problem of tuition fees. If tuition fees are very high, many students have to take out loans so that they can attend college. These loans are usually unsustainable for these students. Thanks to his proposals, Bernie Sanders has become popular and from now on, will be a great figure of reforming the two party system.


I have money, I’m rich. I have money, I’m president of the United States.

Third, the government should also reform « super packs ». The financing of campaigns is controversial because of its undemocratic aspect. Every candidate could convey his ideas without any problem of money.



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