Global citizenship: understanding and future

In my personal opinion, global citizenship refers to an international identity. It means that we choose to look past the country, the culture, the religion we  naturally belong to in order to join a more complete community in which people have so many different backgrounds and are yet so united by this diversity. Global means abolishing borders. I believe that to those who are broad-minded and supporters of globalization, this concept comes as an evidence.

I, for myself, believe that if it weren’t for political reasons, all frontiers should be suppressed. If we think about all the obstacles and challenges the human being has to face nowadays and in upcoming years, we can realize that we’re all facing the same issues. It is true that degrees may vary from one country to another. However, the outcome is the same since we share one and only planet. It is the case of the global warming issue for instance.

Social networks have played an important role in bringing people from all walks of life together. So it is obviously not that hard to create an international community. There’s strength in unity. Then why not show as much unity as possible before it’s too late?



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