Open Borders at Risk due to Migrant Crisis

In the light of the migrant crisis, European countries have had to face a constant flow of refugees fleeing the Syrian war. Some of them, like France or Belgium were victims of terrorist attacks, which explains the tightening of their security measures and border control. This means that putting an end to the open border policy set by the Schengen Agreement is a solution seriously considered by the European Union.

According to an article published on february in, « Belgium announced that it had reintroduced border controls on its frontier with France. Over in Denmark, the government agreed on Tuesday to extend its policy of passport checks on the German border for the third time, while Sweden has kept similar checks for travelers arriving from Denmark. Austria has already built a wall at its busiest frontier crossing with Slovenia, and last Friday it introduced a cap of 80 asylum applications per day, after which its border would be closed to further applicants. » Moreover, Hungary closed its border with Croatia.

The same source also states that « a study published by Germany’s Bertelsmann Foundation this week estimated that the collapse of the Schengen Agreement could cost the EU up to €1.4 trillion over the next decade ».

In this borders conflict, Angela Merkel seems to be the only State ruler willing to keep borders open without limits on refugees. Of course, her decision is widely criticized by her coalition government. Her hope is finding a common agreement between all members of the European Union in order to share the burden.

Overall, the open border policy in Europe is seriously at stake and doesn’t seem to be the answer to the migrant crisis.


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